Makeup For Blue Eyes:

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Hope you all are doing  great. Today I am going to share with you different techniques of doing makeup for blue eyes.Blue eyes are very rare,beautiful and stunning in themselves  Some beauties have very pretty blue eyes which are beautiful and charming but their gorgeousness can be further enhanced with different makeup tips and tricks and make those beautiful blue eyes Pop. If you are beautiful blue eyes babes then your eyes deserve to be look more beautiful and be your dominate feature. Everyone wants to look beautiful and wants to be in the center of the attention but you can bring your blue eyes into focus with some amazing tips and tricks by using eye shades, mascara and eyeliner.

Most of the people have misconceptions about the eye shades that look best and amazing on blue eyes but don't worry I will here to share with you the different tutorial of  makeup for blue eyes that will be the most effective at bringing out the blue color of your eyes and making the aqua eyeball sparkle.For example blue shades always looks wonderful on blue eyes and natural and neutral makeup like light brown and beige color with black eyeliner and mascara makes the eyes more noticeable and blue and your beauty look will make you smart fairy.In this article you will find different tutorials of makeup for blue eyes with different ways and colors to put them on eyes.

For occasion or gathering you have more choices to create a fashionable and amazing look.  Pink and purple shades are great for any school,college, function whereas shimmery and smokey eye makeup look will be more suitable and attractive for any wedding and night makeup look. So continue below and check out the step by step tutorials for different occasions. Just enjoy the gallery and follow them.

1-Dark shade with blue eyes looks really gorgeous.

2-Blue on blue is always hit.

3-Simple everyday look really looks pretty.

4-Twilight Shades looks quite stunning on blue eyes. 

5-Blue with peach contrast looks amazing.

6-Who said metallic teal looks bad on blue eyes.

7-How about spring green color? looks really beautiful.

8-Purple and Teal will make blue eyes look piercing.

9-Sometimes thick lashes is quite enough to make your blue eyes Pop.

10-Soft smokey eyeliner can make all the difference too.

11-Blue eyes really looks pretty in purple.

12-Have you ever tried Shimmery Amber and Teal?really looks gorgeous one.

13-Purple and Navy Matte Smokey eye look even looks better.

14-Silver and Emerald Green is perfect sometimes.

15-Stylish Brown eye makeup look for blue eyes is quite stunning.

16-Shimmer Rainbow eye makeup Tutorial is perfect for night makeup look and parties.

17-Pink and Purple eye make up look really brings out the beauty of blue eyes.

Icy  Blue  Smokey Eye Make up Tutorial: 

who said blue shade looks bad on blue eyes.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial For Blue Eyes.

What you think about smokey eyemakeup look on blue eyes?

Alright ladies that was the tutorial of makeup for blue eyes and I am pretty sure all these gorgeous and amazing looks will really helps to bring out the beauty of  your blue eyes and will provide you cool elegance.Do tell me  know if you really like my this small effort and don't forget to comment.

Stay Beautiful.......Gorgeous.............and Stunning with your beautiful eyes.


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