How To Do Makeup To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger:

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How To Do Makeup To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger: 

How To Do Makeup To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Eyes can be considered as the most expressive part of the face. Big eyes are known as the symbol of beauty and have always been the ideal. Makeup is a girl’s savior. It can bring about a glamorous and charming change in the whole personality of women and big eyes can be your dominate feature. We aren't all born with big eyes though, The most asked question by all those women who are not blessed with big eyes is how to do makeup to make your eyes look bigger and glamorous.Here are some super cool makeup tips that you are probably in search of is  how to do makeup to make your eyes look bigger and as beautiful as possible.Make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed and trimmed, shaping them beautifully, according to the shape your face.


3 M Nexcare Acne Absorbing Patches.

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3m Nexcare Acne Dressing Pimple Care Patch Stickers

Pimples and acne are the most feared and persistent issue for oily skin. People with oily skin tend to suffer more with acne then others , because the oil glands of oily skin are always extra active and secrete excessive oil which easily attracts dust from atmosphere. We know that  pimples and acne are caused by clogged pores and the clogging of pores is due to the dust in the atmosphere, so regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing of face with proper skin care products helps in getting rid off pimples. Sometimes pimples may also occur due to some hormonal changes in the body so you must need a treatment which can helps in healing your pimples, acne very fast.

Some peoples do likes to pop pimples which can cause skin infection and may even lead to permanent scaring. So just stop squeezing your pimples with fingers and try 3m Nexcare Acne Patches.

3m Nexcare Acne Patch is made of a special material called hydrocolloid mostly round skin colored that acts like a sponge to absorb the oil secretion, fluid or puss from pimples, It is waterproof yet breathable and act as a protecting layer over the pimples to reduce hand contact and prevent from infection. It is available in  different packages starting from 7 patches to 44 patches as well as in different sizes and shapes like square, round, heart and star.


Lipstick Nails | How To File a Lipstick Nail Shape at Home | Tutorial

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Lipstick Nails

There are so many different nail types like round, oval, almond or rounded square but lipstick nails are the latest and newest trend in nail shapes to grace our hands. We all know that how lipstick is slanted or inclined which really makes it easy for simple application.  These nails are much the same as that. No they are not lipstick used as a nail polish. They are filed at a slant or incline looking like the shape of a lipstick in a tube. It really looks quite unique creative and amazing as well.


Revlon Foundation For Dry Skin: Review and Swatches.

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revlon foundation dry skin

Revlon Colorstay Makeup For Normal/Dry Skin Review:

Finding the ideal foundation according to your skin type can be a long life job, however some women never find the perfect match according to their skin type.  Most of my fellows and friends had request me to do a review on any drugstore foundation for normal/dry skin. After viewing so many positive reviews on different drugstore foundations for dry skin  I choose  revlon  foundation for dry skin and gave it to my sister who has dry skin for better compliment. Revlon colorstay foundation is known to be one of the best foundation in the drugstore and it is available in two variations the one is revlon foundation for oily skin and the other is revlon colorstay foundation  for normal/dry skin. Most of the foundations on dry/ sensitive skin used to clog the pores and the key for dry skin type is hydration. So it is good to find the foundation that allows your skin to breathe and hydrates. Did I find the key while using this foundation? or is revlon colorstay is good for dry skin? Keep reading to find that out.


Claim Of The Product:

Long-wearing coverage with a lightweight formula that won’t cake, fade, or rub off. With Time Release Technology, this oil-free, moisture-balance formula is especially formulated for normal or dry skin to continuously provide hydration.


Amna Ismail Lawn 2016:

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Finally  we  are  moving  ahead  to  summer  season .Because  of  high  soaring  summer  temperature  there is  a  lawn  craze  everywhere. As  we  know  that  summer  lasts  for  10 months  in  whole  year  in Pakistan  so  lawn  suits  becomes  the  necessity  of  every  women  because  lawn  is  one  of  the  most comfortable  fabric  which  gives  comfort  in  he  hot  summer  season.  Women  are  considered  to  be very  conscious  about  fashion  and  most  of  them  prefer  branded  clothes. The  demand  of  designer lawn  is  increasing  day  by  day. In  order  to  fulfill  this  demand  many  fashion  designers  and  brands  are  busy  in  introducing  different  new  styles  and  designs  in  lawn.


How To Clean a Mascara Brush:

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How To Clean a Mascara Brush:

How To Clean a Mascara Brush:

Mascara is considered to be the most essential and inseparable part of our makeup,and mascara wand or brush are surprisingly awesome tools to have around because it enhances our lashes and give them thicker,gorgeous and lengthier feel.  Sometimes continuous use of mascara leaves clumps on mascara brush and a clumpy brush results in clumpy lashes and uneven application which doesn't look good and cute.Sometimes it also seems difficult to throw away your favorite empty  mascara tube along with your favorite wand because a good wand can makes   your   lashes  gorgeous  and  long   or sometimes you don't like the wand that comes with your new purchase.So here is a quick suggestion for all you i.e throw away empty mascara tube but save the wand and use it along with your favorite one.But how to clean a mascara brush and de-clump it again.
Here are some tips that will help you in how to a clean mascara wand and make it possible to use it again.


Genius Nicer Dicer Plus :

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As the summers are approaching near so everyone wants to spend less time in kitchen and also wants the fastest and safest way to make short work of food preparation within no time.   In order to create good meals and dishes for your friends and family in a short period of time and to prevent yourself from scorching heat of summer you need a good and amazing small kitchen tool which helps you to get a high quality job completed in a small period of time.


Makeup For Blue Eyes:

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Hope you all are doing  great. Today I am going to share with you different techniques of doing makeup for blue eyes.Blue eyes are very rare,beautiful and stunning in themselves  Some beauties have very pretty blue eyes which are beautiful and charming but their gorgeousness can be further enhanced with different makeup tips and tricks and make those beautiful blue eyes Pop. If you are beautiful blue eyes babes then your eyes deserve to be look more beautiful and be your dominate feature. Everyone wants to look beautiful and wants to be in the center of the attention but you can bring your blue eyes into focus with some amazing tips and tricks by using eye shades, mascara and eyeliner.

Most of the people have misconceptions about the eye shades that look best and amazing on blue eyes but don't worry I will here to share with you the different tutorial of  makeup for blue eyes that will be the most effective at bringing out the blue color of your eyes and making the aqua eyeball sparkle.For example blue shades always looks wonderful on blue eyes and natural and neutral makeup like light brown and beige color with black eyeliner and mascara makes the eyes more noticeable and blue and your beauty look will make you smart fairy.In this article you will find different tutorials of makeup for blue eyes with different ways and colors to put them on eyes.

For occasion or gathering you have more choices to create a fashionable and amazing look.  Pink and purple shades are great for any school,college, function whereas shimmery and smokey eye makeup look will be more suitable and attractive for any wedding and night makeup look. So continue below and check out the step by step tutorials for different occasions. Just enjoy the gallery and follow them.

1-Dark shade with blue eyes looks really gorgeous.


Latest Lawn Collection 2016.

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It  is  the  time  to  say  winter  goodbye  and  the  spring  is  all  about  to  bring  the  beauty  with freshly  bloomed  flowers  all  around  us  and  a  wave  of  latest  lawn  collection  2016  is  about  to hit  us  hard.The  thing  which  I  like  about  spring  summer  is  the  shopping  for  lawn  dresses. We all  know  that  summer  means  lawn  all  around  us  because   it  is  only  the  lawn  which  comforts you  in  the  scorching  heat  of  summer.To  prepare  for  summers  we  needs  a  lot  of  shopping  but  in  this  busy  life  no  body  have  enough  time  to  run  to  stores  or  getting  outside  for shopping  in  the  scorching  sun  of  summer  is  quite  annoying  so  in  all  these  situations  online shopping  is  best  option  for  you. Though  there  are  many  online  shopping  stores  whose  eye catching  prints  are  quite  enough  to  drool  over  but  when  comes  to  their  high  price  tag  it  is quite  hard  to  make  a  decision  to  whether  buy  or  not.


L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24 Hour Foundation Review And Swatches

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How are you all?Hope you all are doing great.Today I am going to review on the most common and important makeup product and that is L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24 Hour Foundation.
We all know that foundation is a skin colored makeup product which applies on the face to create an even and uniform complexion and helps to cover up minor blemishes,and sometimes to change the natural skin tone.Besides finding a perfect skin tone foundation it is also important to choose the type of your foundation according to your skin type and also matches your personal appearance.
Being an oily the products like matte, long lasting,extra staying power always attracts me because I love matte look and I have realized that a matte foundation really helps keep the oily and shiny look at bay.Being an oily I always use powder foundations because of its powdery formula let me tell you that I didn't purchase this foundation by myself it was gifted by my uncle from USA but after watching so many positive reviews on L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24 Hour Foundation  I thought I must try this foundation but did it really win my love and loyalty?Read on to find.