MUA Lipstick Shade 9 Reveiw

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How are you all?I know have been posting quite lately as I was quite busy and didn't get enough time for blogging so now I get back and fall into my daily routine.My two different channels are available on the following subscriber that is youtube and dailymotion the links are given at the end of this review.Today I am going to review on a lip product and it is from MUA(Makeup Academy)it is a lipstick shade which is my current using and favorite one. 
We all know that lips are the most attractive part of a face and I believe that there is nothing like a lipstick to brighten your face.It can easily add  polish to your makeup, an outfit and sometimes even a mood.Lipstick can add volume to your lips and make your lips look fuller,glossier and better.

Product Description:

Girls, there is nothing better than lipstick.Apart from maybe lipstick that cost just£1!.Okay,definitely lipstick that cost just£1! .Don't say we are not good to you.Our amazing lipsticks come in 16 shades from red to pink and nude and are packed full of pigmentation.What just one swipe,you will have fantastic color pay off resulting in gorgeous lips.Why not pick a shade you have not tried before and get a new look?It is just £1! after all,did we already mention that?

My Experience With MUA Lipstick Shade 9:

It comes in a black simple plastic tube with a silver mono logo MUA on it  and at the bottom there is a transparent section which represents the same shade.
MUA lipstick shade 9 is a brownish peach shade and has very fine shimmer and frosty finish.It has got a creamy texture and glides on the lips smoothly giving a glossy finish,just 2-3 swipes can hide only mild pigmentation.The lips should be exfoliated well before applying otherwise you will get uneven and patchy look.
It has a slightly sweet scent but tasteless and vanishes in 2-3 sec after application.It adds moisture to my lips with a sheen finish.The lipstick doesn't settle into my fine lines and doesn't feel heavy on my lips.The particular shade lasts on me for about one and half to two hours and leaves a shimmery frost behind without eating or drinking.You can increase its staying power by applying over lip liner.The shade transfers on to a cup,glass,spoon etc.
The particular shade can be wear on any occasion and very common for Asian bridal look but may not suit to everyone.I have to say that this color is so beautiful after application and  I am in love with this shade.


1-Beautiful color
2-Ideal color for Asian bridal look
3-glides on the lips smoothly
4-moisturizing on lips
5-very budget friendly
6-nicely pigmented
8-doesn't feel heavy on lips
9-doesn't settles in the fine lines
10-contains really nice pleasant smell


1-May not suit to all skin colors
3-low staying power

Price and Availability:
I bought it from just4girls.pk for 209 Rs.




Definitely Yes

So it was a review on MUA Lipstick shade 9 I hope you will enjoy it. The given below video will show you clearly how its looks like after application. The video  is also available at video page on my blog. Enjoy it.

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MUA Lipstick shade 9 Review and Swatches


stay beautiful and tuned with me for my more upcoming videos and reviews.


  1. That shade is so beautiful! Lovely post. Have a great weekend!

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    Chaste & Beautiful

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