What is the difference between these face makeup products part 2

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I hope all are you doing great.It is easy to use all the makeup products, and every year many new products are introduced which are like sometimes but how's that different from. So in my previous post I had gave a short review on some of the face makeup products and today here I am again with a post on some more makeup products. 

Foundation vs Concealer vs Tinted moisturizer:

Foundation is a skin colour face makeup product and used all over the face to cover up minor blemishes and to even out your skin tone.Foundations comes in liquid,cream or powder form and can be oil based,oil free or water based.They can have sheer,medium and full coverage.

A concealer or colour corrector is a cosmetic product which is used to conceal dark circles,spots,large pores,and other impurities on the face.It is similar to foundation but it is thicker from foundation and it is normally used after the foundation and used on the face.

A tinted moisturizer is a moisturizing cream or lotion that has a slightly tint to it allowing it to provide some skin coverage.It has a bigger range of shades and it may also contains sun protection.

Bronzers vs Blushes:

Bronzer is generally used to create a tanned look and also for the light contouring on the face whereas blushes used to give your cheeks a natural flushed effect. Bronzer is usually browner with hints of pink or golden tones or orange tones and blushes tends to be pink peach or orange. Bronzer can sometime also used as a blush depending on your makeup look.

Lipstick vs Lip  gloss vs Lip plumper vs Lip lacquer vs lLip stain:

Lipstick is a cosmetic lip product containing pigments,oils,waxes and emollients that apply colour,texture and protection to the lips.Lipsticks can be matte,shimmery or sparkly.

Lip gloss is a lip product used primarily to give lips a glossy lustre and sometimes to add a subtle colour. Lip gloss comes in a variety of forms and may be applied in different ways.

Lip plumper is also a lip gloss only it has an ingredient added into it to make your lips look bigger or fuller. This product is ideal for the girls with thin lips.

Lip stains are liquid based product and are painted on the lips once they dry they last 8 to 12 hours, the matte stain is so enduring in fact you would have to remove it with makeup remover at the end of the day. The formula is so drying so it is best to  moisturize your lips first.

Lip lacquer is a glossy lip colour product used with a built in lip brush. Lip lacquer basically means poolish that means it polishes your lips with different shades.

Eye primers vs Eye bases:

Eye primer is a light weight cream that is applied as the first layer to prepare eyelids for eyeshadow application and is usually a neutral colour or invisible on the skin, it also help to prevent the natural oils of your eyelids to break down your eyeshadow throughout the day and provide protection against creasing and fading of your makeup. It also helps to make eyeshadow easier to blend.
Eye base is usually a plain cream colour that helps you to intensify the colour of your eyeshadow. It helps the colour to pop out, you can use concealer, moisturiser, paint pots, cream shadows gel liners, eye pencils anything to use as a base and usually end up pleased with the results.

Chapstick vs Lip balm:

Chapstick is a lip balm in stick form.They can be sometimes coloured or have some shimmer or sparkle in them and they can be scented.Chapstick is very effective for peeling, chapped,dry and cracked lips.

Lip balm has usually no colours but some of them having some shimmer or a light tint. Lip balms has ingredients to soothe heal and protect lips, lip balms are the most likely to be scented.
Both products hydrate and heals the lips faster and make them smooth and soft.

Top coates vs Transparent Nail Polishes:

Some of the ladies used clear or transparent nail polish as a top coat but there is a difference between using top coat and a transparent nail polish as a top coat. A top coat prevents the nail polish against scratches and peeling while a transparent nail polish is just a nail polish and it is not as effective as a real top coat.

So that was all for today and I hope this review will help you a lot and all of you enjoy it, please don't forget to comment and follow my blog.

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