What is the difference between these face makeup products part 2

Hello Sweeties: 

I hope all are you doing great.It is easy to use all the makeup products, and every year many new products are introduced which are like sometimes but how's that different from. So in my previous post I had gave a short review on some of the face makeup products and today here I am again with a post on some more makeup products. 

Foundation vs Concealer vs Tinted moisturizer:

Foundation is a skin colour face makeup product and used all over the face to cover up minor blemishes and to even out your skin tone.Foundations comes in liquid,cream or powder form and can be oil based,oil free or water based.They can have sheer,medium and full coverage.


What is the difference between these face makeup product?

Hello lovelies.

How are you all? I hope you all are doing great?The most popular question I am getting from my friends, nowadays is that what is the difference between illuminator,luminizer,highlighters and many other products related to face makeup products.Most of the women,beauty gurus they knows about them but still there are many ladies  get confused while using them .So today I would like to share a post about different face makeup products that have confused me in the past too.

Illuminator vs Highlighter vs Luminizer:


illuminator is a face makeup product used to add a hint of shine and shimmer to your face to give your skin a healthy glow and to brighten the entire complexion,They usually covers your whole face giving you a sheer dewy look.Sometimes it has sparkles or glitters in it but very sheer. Illuminator comes in a liquid.cream and powdery form as well. The liquids and creams are best for dry skin and powder illuminators are best for oily skin types.One should be very careful while applying because wearing too much illuminator will make your face look oily instead  of shimmery.Mostly illuminators are used by mixing them with moisturizer or liquid foundations.I recommend  them to use as a night time look because during the day you will look too sparkly and noticeable,it can be worn alone and it does not conceal.