Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder In Transparent Review

Hello Pretty Ladies,

Today my review is about my current using pressed powder.The weather is getting warmer this is the time I need my compact more as I tend to get very oily and shiny in heated weather. As  my previous one was almost finished so this time I decided to try Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder and I think I am the last one on the planet who is going to share her experience with it.(lol).

Claim of the product:

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder controls shine for up to 5 hours with natural minerals.It minimize the appearance of pores with a natural matte finish. You won't go without it.

My Experience With Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder:

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder comes in beige coloured round compact with a transparent lid and all the details are mentioned on the back. The packing is not very sturdy one should be very careful while handling the lid is very loose and cannot be locked properly and is pretty breakable which makes it impossible to carry around in a purse. Unless you wrap a rubber band around it to secure it. Definitely not travel friendly. The powder comes in seven different shades .I purchased mine is transparent.The colour of the powder is  light ivory in shade but after application it looks like transparent. The texture is not silky smooth but it's soft and blend easily. It never looks cakey , powdery or heavy look on face.The powder leans slightly on the yellowish side rather then having a pink or orange tint as that most of the powders tend to have. Suitable for almost all skin tones but I think it may not be suitable for the people with a darker skin tone.
 It has sheer to medium coverage  and doesn't cover every thing but used to sets my makeup in place and makes it last longer. It doesn't come with any mirror ,sponge,brush or either applicator so a brush or sponge has to be carried separately.Compact can be applied with brush and sponge as well. After application it gives me a matte finish and control oil and shine a lot longer then  most of other powders but my face doesn't stay completely matte through out the day and I need a blot and touch ups  after every few hours. It has mid fragrance which disappears once you apply the powder. It won't irritates the skin or clog pores.People with dry skin should stay away from it as it will just enhance their dry areas. Dry and wet both applications are possible with it but in case of wet application you will not use as a pressed powder and a hard crust will appear on its top so use it in a dry foam. It helps to set concealer, foundation without changing the colour of the product.I don't have large pores on my face  but the small pores also  looks minimal after application.
Overall this setting powder is great for oily skin which will keep you shine free for long time. It is soft, blend s into the skin and provide no extra coverage unless you have applied too much on your face.And I can say that yes I have got my  HG pressed powder


1- ideal for oily/combination skin.
2- gives a matte finish application.
3- doesn't gives a cakey or heavy look.
4- didn't cause any irritation or breakout.
5- sets makeup for a long time.


1- cheap packing.
2- sponge and mirror are missing.
3- not travel friendly
4- bit pricey.

Price and Availability:

I have found it a bit pricey  because the prices have been raised up now so you can get it for Rs 750 to 900 Rs from almost all leading stores of Pakistan and it is available at just4girls.pk and beautyarena.pk




Yes definitely.

So that was the experience of mine with Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder so don't forget to comment and follow my blog

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  1. great post dear. I was thinking to buy this rimmel pressed powder, would defintely try it out.

    Kanwal Ikram

    1. thank you dear.... yes dear you should try it

    2. thank you dear.... yes dear you should try it

  2. oh i hav this on my wishlist
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  3. Its my fave pressed powder though I dont have oily skin. nice review dear.

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  5. it is a very great powder in summer it's my must have nice review

  6. I use it everyday before leaving for work. Absolutely love it! But yes, packaging is a bit troublesome.
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    1. yes dear packing is very cheap thx for following me

  7. This one is actually very good .. thanks for sharing the great review ♡♡

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  10. This pressed powder is one of my favorite, nice review.

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  11. Nice review dear. My compact powder is about to finish and I will like to try this one. And thanx for visiting my blog. Following you.

  12. Great review. I love this pressed powder. However I too wish it had a sponge applicator with it.
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    The Lipstickholic

  13. Awww your review suggests I should not buy it coz i tend to use compacts to even out tones as I rarely use foundation

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    2. dear you can select another shade for you I have used it in sandstorm shade and believe me my skin was evenly toned after application

  14. Nice review Dear....This press powder is in my wishlist. Welcome to blog sphere. Hope you will enjoy here. Followed you Dear...:)


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  17. such an amazing review. :*

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  18. I so want to buy this but was a bit confused. but thabks for your review. iam gonna buy this soon :)
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