Lo'real Paris Hydrafresh All Day Hydration Supply Aqua Gel Moisturizer Review.

Hello Beauties.

Today I am going to review on a moisturizer for oily/combination skin.It is from Loreal Paris which is one of the most leading beauty care company based in Paris.
Having an oily skin I thought I don't need any moisturizer for my oily skin because I always thought whats the point in adding extra  moisturizer to my naturally oily skin but then I realized that oil is not a moisturizer hence cleansing and  moisturizing are  as important for oily skin as they are for any other skin types .Without cleansing toning and moisturizing your  skin will produce a massive amount of oil.So i decided to choose Lo'real Hydrafresh Aqua Gel moisturizer for my oily skin

My Experience With Loreal Paris Hydrafresh Aqua Gel Moisturizer:

This light green  gel comes in a glass jar with an inner lid too.Its consistency is neither thick nor runny. It is a gel based moisturizer when first applied but then turns into a  transparent water consistency after blending. It is very light  weight blend easily into the skin and provides a cooling sensation after application.It feels refreshing with lovely fragrance which fades eventually.The gel is absorbed easily and makes a great makeup base too.It works pretty well for me.Non sticky formula light weight and absorbs into my face quickly and leaves my skin pretty soft and hydrated. One should be vey careful about quantity you are going to apply on your face only a small quantity maximum 2 to 3 drops will do the better job on oily skin.This gel really keeps my face well hydrated and moisturized and i can immediately feels the softness in the skin. I didn't notice any dryness, irritation or any other skin issue after using it.
I have noticed that in winters or in air conditioned room it kept my skin moisturized and matte but in Summers on in non-air conditioned environment my skin becomes more oily and my pores become more visible after a while so girls with oily skin don't use it in Summers.It didnot breake me out and it never felt greacy on the skin.Overall it does a great job at moisturizing my oily skin.


1- keeps the skin well hydrated and fresh.
2- Non-greasy and light weight.
3- Easily available.
4- Blends in very nicely.


1-Did not works in Summers.

Price and Availibility:

Available at all leading stores I got mine for RS 550




       Yes only in Winters but if I  get my HG moisturizer then I will go for it.

Ok ladies that was my review and I hope you will find the review helpful and don't forget to comment and follow my blog

                              Stay Beautiful


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  2. My blog and nice post too. I have tries this cream tooo..it feels so refreshing in summer. Just Loved it.

    Kanwal Ikram

  3. Thanks for such a detailed post!

  4. amazing review.