Clean and Clear Oil Control Toner Review. (AUTHOR MEMAHA)

Hello ladies,

Today my review is about my currently using toner in my daily morning cleansing routine it is from clean  and clear  and this is my first review of any product and I will try my best to give you a honest and true opinion.
Toner is an important part of cleansing as it removes any dirt left from face after cleansing and it also  maintain the ph balance of the skin.


    My experience with clean and clear  oil control toner:

The toner comes in a transparent bottle with lid on top. It has runny texture and not sticky with hint of blue colour.This toner is really very effective in cleansing and leaves a skin fresh and hydrated.It can also removes makeup residue well and does't leave the skin dry and tight.It contains alcohol in it which smells really strong but the strong smell only last during I wipe this to my face. I don't feel any matte finish after using it. It also contain salicylic acid which helps in controlling acne.The product also doesnot help with removing blackheads but still I like to use because it removes dirt and just a quick swipe of the tonervleaves the skin feeling clean fresh and smooth..Due to its alcoholic formula I don't feel any irritation on my skin.but can creates problem to someone and also it didn't break me out.I recommend this toner particularly for oily/combination skin type only. This toner is a part of my daily morning cleansing routine


1) very affordable and friendly  travel.
2 )It really cleans and hydrates the skin.
3) Ideal for oily skin.
4) easily available.


1)It has an alcohol in it which may cause irritation to someone.
2)It didn't provide any matte finish.

Price and Availability:

Available at all leading stores in Rs 240/

My Ratings:



Yes definitely.

I hope you find the review helpful..... stay beautiful.


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