Clean and Clear Fairness Moisturizer With SPF15

Clean and Clear Fairness Moisturizer With SPF15

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 Today I am here with my new post and again it is from clean and clear but this time I am reviewing about its fairness moisturizer which also contain spf15 in it. Clean and clear is known for some really good products for oily acne prone skin now lets see what my experience says about this product.

My Experience with Clean and Clear fairness Moisturizer with SPF15:

Let me clear you I have got this moisturizer by my Sister-in-law from Qatar when she was visiting me last time so I  really don't know about its price value and availability in Pakistan hence clean and clear is one of the most leading brand and its products can be easily be found on all leading stores. Now lets come to the topic so this clean and clear fairness moisturize with spf 15 comes in a  purple coloured squeezey tube with a flip open cap.This moisturizer has a mild scent.It has a white creamy texture which blends easily on the skin. This moisturizer really helps in moisturizing my face.I used to apply this moisturizer every morning after cleansing and toning my skin and my face instantly becomes soft and supple, but leaves  a white effect on my skin and makes it almost like a white cast on my face and I hate this white cast on my face because it  seems that I had  layered some extra powder on my face. The formula is non-greasy and light weight This also has spf15 in it so this moisturizer can also serves as a sunscreen.It didn't breake me out. On the other hand for fairness or whitening affect in it I didn't feel any fairness or whitening effect in it but only leaves a white cast even if I use a little amount of it which vanishes away after washing my face. I think it is only a moisturizer which will moisturize your face but not a fairness or whitening product so don't be expect any fairness effect from it. It also did't control my oil and I have noticed that my face become more shiny after using it but also keeps my face soft and supple.


1- Light and non-greasy formula
2- get absorbed easily and makes skin soft and supple.
3- has spf 15 in it.


1- leaves a white cast which could be easily noticeable
2-did not control oil.
3-has no fairness or whitening effect.




No it didn't work for me and makes my face  look more shiny.

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