Best Sigma Brushes: the ones that can make your life a lot easier.

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After you have chosen the ideal makeup products for making your skin tone look flawless, the next step is getting the makeup brushes that are used for blending the beauty products. Application of makeup without the best quality makeup brushes like the best sigma brushes just seems to be the trickiest task. These brushes help us in setting up the makeup products on our face flawlessly. And many of us even do know that which type of brushes we need to get. Here, we are going to share with you the best sigma brushes you must get for making your skin tone look unspoiled. You will find these best sigma brushes really incredible.
All of the makeup brushes are not the same. These brushes come in varying length and thickness depending upon the purpose for which the brushes have been designed. If you want the optimum results while doing your makeup, you must first know about different types of brushes and their uses as well.  Here are the best sigma brushes you must get.

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush:

This is the brush all of you must have. The brush has a flat design with a flat top and for an ultimate application of the foundation; this is the right foundation brush you can get. The softness of it is awe-inspiring.  The bristles are packed so tight together it doesn't shed and it blends and presses the product into your skin because of its flat top and gives you natural and airbrushed look.You can also apply compact powder,powder foundation with it.Using the brush, you will be getting mind-blowing and finished foundation application.

maha's beauty blog f80


MUA Lipstick Shade 9 Reveiw

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How are you all?I know have been posting quite lately as I was quite busy and didn't get enough time for blogging so now I get back and fall into my daily routine.My two different channels are available on the following subscriber that is youtube and dailymotion the links are given at the end of this review.Today I am going to review on a lip product and it is from MUA(Makeup Academy)it is a lipstick shade which is my current using and favorite one. 
We all know that lips are the most attractive part of a face and I believe that there is nothing like a lipstick to brighten your face.It can easily add  polish to your makeup, an outfit and sometimes even a mood.Lipstick can add volume to your lips and make your lips look fuller,glossier and better.

Product Description:

Girls, there is nothing better than lipstick.Apart from maybe lipstick that cost just£1!.Okay,definitely lipstick that cost just£1! .Don't say we are not good to you.Our amazing lipsticks come in 16 shades from red to pink and nude and are packed full of pigmentation.What just one swipe,you will have fantastic color pay off resulting in gorgeous lips.Why not pick a shade you have not tried before and get a new look?It is just £1! after all,did we already mention that?


What is the difference between these face makeup products part 2

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I hope all are you doing great.It is easy to use all the makeup products, and every year many new products are introduced which are like sometimes but how's that different from. So in my previous post I had gave a short review on some of the face makeup products and today here I am again with a post on some more makeup products. 

Foundation vs Concealer vs Tinted moisturizer:

Foundation is a skin colour face makeup product and used all over the face to cover up minor blemishes and to even out your skin tone.Foundations comes in liquid,cream or powder form and can be oil based,oil free or water based.They can have sheer,medium and full coverage.


What is the difference between these face makeup product?

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How are you all? I hope you all are doing great?The most popular question I am getting from my friends, nowadays is that what is the difference between illuminator,luminizer,highlighters and many other products related to face makeup products.Most of the women,beauty gurus they knows about them but still there are many ladies  get confused while using them .So today I would like to share a post about different face makeup products that have confused me in the past too.

Illuminator vs Highlighter vs Luminizer:


illuminator is a face makeup product used to add a hint of shine and shimmer to your face to give your skin a healthy glow and to brighten the entire complexion,They usually covers your whole face giving you a sheer dewy look.Sometimes it has sparkles or glitters in it but very sheer. Illuminator comes in a liquid.cream and powdery form as well. The liquids and creams are best for dry skin and powder illuminators are best for oily skin types.One should be very careful while applying because wearing too much illuminator will make your face look oily instead  of shimmery.Mostly illuminators are used by mixing them with moisturizer or liquid foundations.I recommend  them to use as a night time look because during the day you will look too sparkly and noticeable,it can be worn alone and it does not conceal.


Milani Even Touch Powder Foundation Review.

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How are you? I hope all you are doing great.Today I am going to show a review on my currently using and HG foundation which I used to wear a lot it's Milani Even Touch powder Foundation.Finding the perfect foundation for your skin is not an easy task.Being an oily skin I mostly like to wear powder foundations specially in hot Summer seasons because they are easy to apply, light in weight and provides you a natural look.

Claim of the product:

oil free velvety-soft lightweight powder foundation formulated with aloe vera extract to soothe and moisturizing,Micronized super fine light reflecting pigments allow colour to stay true and easy to blend while it covers imperfections and even out skin tones. The result is flawless finish with a soft focus effect. Light to medium coverage. Deluxe sponge applicator included.Made in USA.


MUA Matte Perfect Complexion Balancing Face Primer Review

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Face primers are most commonly used nowadays. As they help with evening out skin tones, minimize appearance of large pores, preventing foundation from looking cakey and making your makeup last much longer throughout the day.So looking for a face primer I had just came across MUA Matte Perfect Complexion Balancing Face Primer.It is also consider the dupe of Benefits the Professional. Its oil controling claim really instigated me to have it. Now let see did it really prove its oil control claims and did it really helps to make my makeup last longer. 

Claim Of The Product:

MUA Pro has now created a  primer designed to prime for perfection balancing your skin. Matte Perfect primer is a targeted formula that controls oil and reduce shines so your makeup looks smooth even and flawless. With its soft application it minimizes the look of pores and flaws to create an even convas and is  ideal for Normal Combination and Oily Skin.

Application Tips:

Moisturize first using a tiny pea sized amount smooth Matte Perfect Primer evenly over face and blend with finger tips. Apply makeup.


Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder In Transparent Review

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Today my review is about my current using pressed powder.The weather is getting warmer this is the time I need my compact more as I tend to get very oily and shiny in heated weather. As  my previous one was almost finished so this time I decided to try Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder and I think I am the last one on the planet who is going to share her experience with it.(lol).

Claim of the product:

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder controls shine for up to 5 hours with natural minerals.It minimize the appearance of pores with a natural matte finish. You won't go without it.


Clean and Clear Fairness Moisturizer With SPF15

Clean and Clear Fairness Moisturizer With SPF15

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 Today I am here with my new post and again it is from clean and clear but this time I am reviewing about its fairness moisturizer which also contain spf15 in it. Clean and clear is known for some really good products for oily acne prone skin now lets see what my experience says about this product.


Lo'real Paris Hydrafresh All Day Hydration Supply Aqua Gel Moisturizer Review.

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Today I am going to review on a moisturizer for oily/combination skin.It is from Loreal Paris which is one of the most leading beauty care company based in Paris.
Having an oily skin I thought I don't need any moisturizer for my oily skin because I always thought whats the point in adding extra  moisturizer to my naturally oily skin but then I realized that oil is not a moisturizer hence cleansing and  moisturizing are  as important for oily skin as they are for any other skin types .Without cleansing toning and moisturizing your  skin will produce a massive amount of oil.So i decided to choose Lo'real Hydrafresh Aqua Gel moisturizer for my oily skin


Labello Fruit Shine Lip Balm In Cherry Review

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Lips are consider as the most important part of our face. Lips looks beautiful and attractive only if they are healthy.Lack of moisture and water can cause dry and chapped lips which leads to bleeding sometimes.Lip balms and chapsticks are there in a wide range which are used to make the lips moist and supple and act as a protecting shield from getting dry and chapped.So today I am going to review about my favorite lip balm or chapstick by Labello.


Sweet Touch Twin Face Powder Shade B 2 Review

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Compacts are always know as a  most common product of the makeup because it is the easy way to cover up your blemishes and give you a clean and fresh look by absorbing oil of the face.It is also used over foundations and bb creams to create a flawless look.
So today I am reviewing sweet touch face powder in shade (B 2)


Clean and Clear Oil Control Toner Review. (AUTHOR MEMAHA)

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Today my review is about my currently using toner in my daily morning cleansing routine it is from clean  and clear  and this is my first review of any product and I will try my best to give you a honest and true opinion.
Toner is an important part of cleansing as it removes any dirt left from face after cleansing and it also  maintain the ph balance of the skin.